The Main Responsibilities of Parents

The Main Responsibilities of Parents
Nothing exemplifies the miracle of life more than children and parenting is a noble duty indeed. You must agree that parenting is a very spiritual assignment and what happens is that there is a transference of spirit in every aspect of parenting. Of course you must understand that there are several forms of parenting with biological being just one of them. The others include societal, spiritual and technological. Societal parenting is where the saying that 'It takes a village to raise a child' comes to life. Technological is more of apprenticeship while spiritual has to do with impartation of the spirit of God.

The roles of parenting however seem to apply to all levels of parenting and they take their cue from God who is the ultimate Father. They include:

The parent is the source - You as a parent are the beginning of the life of your child and so you must do everything right as far as the welfare of the child is concerned. Look at it this way, anything that comes from you is a part of you and you would not harm yourself now, would you?

The parent is the sustainer - As a sustainer of the life of your child, you are to do everything in your power to ensure that this life continues. The quality of life here is important. You are to provide for all the needs of that child. There are the basic needs and also the secondary needs that you must take care of. This is where you are expected to provide shelter, food, clothing and a decent education for your children. Health care is just as important and you must ensure as a parent that your child gets the medical attention they deserve when need arises.

The parent is the nurturer - Nurturing your children does not in any way mean pampering them. It is making sure that you bring the best in them and it does include a lot of disciplining. Loving your children means that you have to bring order where there is disorder even when you have to bring out the rod at times. Only exercise caution and do not flog them like the village thief. At the end of the day they should have the assurance that you love them and learnt the lesson intended.

The parent is the protector - As a parent you will do anything within your power to ensure that no harm comes your children's way. A good parent will protect his/her children with his life, if it comes to that.

The parent is the leader - Any parent will tell you that children do what they see you do more than what they hear you say. The parent is the leader and you must lead by example. Children watch and what they see in you they will emulate. You know, you are their hero so they will copy your every move.

These are pointers that luckily for some they come as second nature. Others on the other hand have to be reminded to be that exemplary parent. While you cannot be expected to be perfect, it is worth your while, and your children's future, to put these into practice.

Parenting is a God-given, noble responsibility that must be approached with soberness. This responsibility is given to us such that God expects us to have the same results in raising the children He has given to us as if He was raising them Himself.

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